Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sushi Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for my friend Susies birthday. They were made with boxed red velvet cake, 12 ounces of diet Dr. Pepper and 2 egg whites. We were on weight watchers a few years ago together and found the recipe on the Weight Watchers website. They tasted really good even though the recipe sounds kind of weird, No one knew the difference. I used Fat Free Cool Whip for the frosting and they also have a Cheesecake pudding glaze, which was made with cheesecake flavored Sugar Free Fat Free Jello instant pudding mix and fat free milk. The 'Sushi" was made with Rice Krispies treats cut in half length wise and then dipped in white chocolate and coconut flakes. Then i put some Swedish fish on top and wrapped a sour power strip around them and secured those with a toothpick. She loved them! =]

I had to use toothpicks because I didn't have enough "seaweed" =\
But it was for a friend so she didn't mind =]
I made her a "spa" gift basket with a homemade brown sugar body scrub..
All ready to go =]

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