Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've always loved baking and cooking for people, but I used to think that I wanted to do hair and makeup but that got old to me pretty quick. I feel like baking and decorating will never become boring because there are so many different things that I could make or try and the biggest plus is that I could torture my family and friends by making them try all of my different creations whether good or bad.. lol. I plan on going to culinary school in the near future but first I'd like to see what I could do on my own and how far it will take me. I also just want to keep track of the things that I'm making so a blog will help with that. All comments and opinions are appreciated, I like constructive criticism, I feel like it will help me to improve.. Sooo...

I came across Bakerellas blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love the idea of cake pops! They taste great, you could make them into basically whatever shape you like and they just look cute! So I decided t
hat I would make my own for Easter and I think they came out pretty good. I sent them to a friend or two and they loved them. I definitely plan on making them again in the near future, I've actually made them twice already. The first time I wasn't really prepared because I didn't have the Styrofoam to hold them up to dry after i made them so i put them in a cup and they all wound up cracking.. They still tasted good though! The second time I was prepared, I took a trip to the craft store.. picked up the Styrofoam, extra candy coating and some extra lollipop sticks. For some reason I go through lollipop sticks like water.. Well i know why, I like to stir the candy melts while they're melting with them and I had a few trial and error chicks.

Here are some pics (=

I get a little messy when I don't read directions lol

Chicks.. Everyone liked the guy with the glasses.. I liked the girls =P

Cupcake pops without the stick..

Tulips, Flowers and butterflies

Up close chicks..



Butterflies.. These didn't come out so great. They weren't thick enough to dip..

Up close stick less cupcake pops


  1. So, so, so CUTE! I love the little chick with the glasses. He is my favorite. You are very talented.

  2. Aww yours turned out soo cute! I love the flowers. :)

  3. You have a great talent!Run with it girl!!!