Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I figured it out!

I finally taught myself how to pipe frosting onto cupcakes! lol.. I know it seems so simple but I was having such a difficult time with it! I have been trying to pipe my frosting on for months and when it didn't come out right I just grabbed a spatula or butter knife and spread it on but i think it looks so unprofessional. So after months and months of spreading frosting I realized that it didn't need to go all the way around to the ends and my frosting needs to be a little firmer than it usually is.. I just wish everything else in life was that easy to figure out lol =P

Here are a few pics of carrot cake cupcakes I made for my
grandma yesterday..

I'm was trying to get a totally different post up today but i'm so scatter brained today that ill just save it for the weekend.. Check back Friday or Saturday for it! =]

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